Appease Essential Oil - Lemon BGExtraction via Stream Distillation
Botanical Name : Citrus Limonum
Country of Origin: Italy

Constituents: a-terpinene, b-bisabolene, linalool, limonene, nerol, trans-a-bergamotene and neral.

Lemon oil is stimulating while it is calming. It has anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, and antifungal properties.  Lemon oil works in many areas of your life, from household cleaning to supporting brain energy and freshening the air.

Staying Alert & delighted

The key feature of the Lemon oils is that they have uplifting, invigorating and anti-depressant qualities, thus even by inhaling, the refreshing scent of Lemon will help to refresh the mind, increase alertness, improve cognitive performance, create a positive mindset and remove negative emotions. Do it while studying or working to improve concentration and mental accuracy.

Respiratory System

Lemon essential oil, because of its antibacterial and immuno-stimulant properties, is great to have diffusing for its many benefits to the respiratory and other systems.To help with colds, coughs, flu and voice loss, use 2-3 drops in a steam inhalation. Also add to a carrier oil such as olive oil and rub on chest and neck.

Purify the air

Lemon oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and immune stimulating properties. Research by Jean Valnet, MD, revealed that vaporised lemon oil can kill meningococcus bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in 1 hour, Staphylococcus Aureus in 2 hours and Pneumoccus bacteria in 3 hours, thus, it is a great oil as an air freshener to keep your family surrounding safe and fresh.

Skin Care

Lemon oil has many benefits to your skin.  It can be used as skin cleanser by just diluting with pure water to clean off dirt, and grease from your face.  Lemon oil contains citric acid and Vitamin C to help protect skin cells from premature aging by fighting oxygen-stealing free radicals, thus reducing wrinkles.  Lemon oil mix with water will also help to tighten and lift skin, and shrink large pores, thereby controlling excess sebum.  Lastly, the citric acid in Lemon essential oil is a powerful natural skin bleaching agent that will lighten skin tone.

Caution: It’s important to note that lemon essential oil should not be taken internally without the supervision of a health professional. We do not recommend ingestion of any essential oil, either it is of any grade, for the simple reason that essential oils are highly concentrated.  We suggest diffusing / inhaling essential oil for similar health benefits.

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